Core Values at Ridin' High Cowboy Church

  •  STEWARDSHIP: Practice good stewardship with whatever God places in our hands.
  • FELLOWSHIPS: To gather together with other followers of Christ to help build each other up and grow as the family of God.
  • DISCIPLESHIP: We simply want to get to know God better through prayer and bible study.
  • EVANGELISM: We want to share what we know with others so that they too my come to God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ.
  • FAMILY: We affirm and support God’s choice of families, meaning a man and a woman joined by Holy matrimony to be God’s plan from eternity. We affirm support to our families and their children in the teaching of God’s Holy Word.
  • CULTURE: We will keep our service and our activities culturally relevant to the cowboy lifestyle and our western heritage.
  • GOVERANCE: Through our team concept, those who do the work of the ministry also govern the ministry.
  • ASSOCIATION: We will work cooperatively with like-minded churches, ministries and associations to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • SIMPLICITY: We will strive to keep our activities, structure, and message as simple as possible.
  • FAITH: The choice to turn your life and will over to the care of Gd.

Ridin' High Cowboy Church By-Laws   - revised 2019
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Ridin High CC
Ridin' High Cowboy Church

Every Sunday
Fellowship at 9:00 am, Worship at 10:00am

Physical Address: 8771 FM 35, Union Valley, Texas
Mailing Address: PO Box 443,  Royse City,  Texas 75189

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