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8771 FM 35, Royse City, TX 75189

H.B. Patton Arena

Welcome to the heart of Ridin' High Cowboy Church, where our vibrant H.B. Patton Arena stands as a testament to our commitment to faith, fellowship, and the rich traditions of the cowboy way. 
Within these hallowed grounds, we offer a dynamic program of arena events that cater to individuals of all ages, genders, and skill levels. Step into our arena, and you'll find an environment teeming with spirited fun, educational opportunities, exhilarating competition, and the warm embrace of Christian fellowship.

Blessed with a generously-sized arena measuring 150×300 ft. and adorned with impressive lighting and an exceptional sound system, we've created a space that allows our community to gather and revel in the excitement of various events. Covered bleachers welcome observers, ensuring that even if you don't ride, you can still join in the fun and watch as riders showcase their skills. Every event held at our arena is open to our church family, friends, and the wider public. These events serve as a powerful outreach to the community, providing an opportunity to share our faith while engaging in thrilling activities.

Within our arena, a world of equestrian excitement unfolds. From team roping competitions that showcase the precision and coordination of skilled riders to practice sessions that foster growth and improvement, our arena buzzes with energy and camaraderie. Play Day events invite participants to indulge in a range of games and friendly competitions, while breakaway and calf roping tests the agility and dexterity of both horse and rider. We take pride in maintaining the hoof prints in our arena, as it represents not only our dedication to equestrian pursuits but also serves as a conduit for Christian entertainment and fellowship.

So, whether you're a seasoned rider seeking the thrill of competition, a spectator yearning for a front-row seat to the action, or someone simply curious about the incredible bond between faith and horsemanship, we invite you to step into our H.B. Patton Arena. Join us on this remarkable journey where faith, fun, and friendship converge, and discover the joy and fulfillment that await within the loving embrace of Ridin' High Cowboy Church.

Join the Arena Ministry

The planning and execution of arena events are entrusted to our dedicated Arena Team Ministry.  There is always room for another helper, and we encourage you to come out, lend a hand, and discover the joy of serving alongside our tight-knit community.  You don't have to know anything about horses.  We need all kinds of helpers, concession stand, painting, clean up or if you feel comfortable pushing cows up.


Playdays offer timed speed events for riders of all ages, sizes, and abilities, fostering a family-friendly atmosphere where everyone can compete.

Team Roping

Team roping welcomes participants of all genders and ages, with teams formed by combining individuals of varying classifications.

Riding Requirements

Please review the Ridin' High Cowboy Church's requirements and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Rent the Arena

To access more information on available rental options and contact details, click the button below and discover how you can reserve the arena.